Said El Soueidi

Said El Soueidi is a passionate technical diver and the founder of Divers League, a community of Divers that provides lessons and experiences worldwide, as well as quality products. His story started in 2011 when he left his home country, Lebanon, to study Tourism and Hospitality in Athens, and a lucky coupon changed his life forever. It read "discover scuba diving," and that is precisely what he did; after only 10 minutes in the water, his only question was, "when can I start?". 

From then on, scuba diving became his whole life, leading him on a journey of discovery and education. When he used to return to the office, all he could do was remember the great dives he did over the weekend, and little by little, work was becoming obsolete. His brain and soul were so much into scuba diving that he knew he had to change… so he quit his job and decided to dedicate his life to scuba diving! 

Since then, he has gained comprehensive experience in cave and CCR diving and has now an extensive career in wreck and cave diving. He is a full Cave CCR 100 diver, Trimix Instructor, CCR instructor, Cave Instructor, and Side Mount Instructor. He has traveled the world as a scuba diver, exploring places like Tortuga and Kim-Ha caves in Mexico, the Souffleur submarine wreck in Lebanon, and the Vouliagmeni cave in Athens, an underwater labyrinth that can get to 130 meters in depth, making it a mentally and physically challenging dive but also very rewarding. 

Now the underwater is his home, and he has been able to enjoy every dive with the help of Ammonite dive systems. Being a technical diver and instructor means he needs reliable tools to ensure an excellent safe experience for himself and others. Thanks to its modularity, Ammonite’s products adapt to multiple diving configurations, having the reliability necessary for each type of dive. He uses the Led Solaris Next Gen and ACCU 14 accumulator while diving Sidemount and an ACCU 24 on back mount, combined with Led One & Led One Mini torches as a backup, ensuring durability, dependability, and the ability to see the beauty of the underwater world.