• Garry Dallas

    Garry, known to many as ‘Sidemount Bob’ or ‘Chewie’, is indeed fascinated by the underwater world and is equally happy being mesmerized by the gracefulness and beauty of marine life as he is with the eerie silence of the deep and caves.


    Vice President InnerSpace Explorers in 2017. He loves to explore whatever it is, a virgin wreck to a cave/mine in the middle of nowhere.

  • Martin Robson

    Martin Robson is a rare breed of person, in that he combines his love of exploration and adventure with his passion and ability to teach and inspire



    Romanian speleologist and cave diver who ,with support of friend divers, started a project that aims to promote cave diving and exploration in Romania’s caves,"Transilvania Cave Diving".

  • Olivier "Oli" Bertieaux

    Belgian, Diving since 1992 with more than 4000 dives on the counter.

  • Pat Vanstraelen

    Pat Vanstraelen has led numerous expeditions worldwide and has over 30 years of professional experience in outdoor sports and diving.


    A TDI and IART Instructor Trainer, a PADI Master instructor, IANTD Rebreather Instructor, CCR Cave Instructor and ITDA technical instructor, specialising in rebreather technology.

  • Marcin "Chochor" Chochorowski

     Marcin "Chochor" Chochorowski is one of Poland's deepest diving professionals.

  • Ian France

    Ian France is a passionate. experienced, full time technical diving Instructor Trainer, providing OC & CCR Cave, Mine and Technical diver training at diver and instructor level throughout the world.