Marcin "Chochor" Chochorowski


He took up tec diving in 2001 and in 2004 he became a first level tec diving instructor – an Advanced Nitrox instructor certified by IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers). In 2005, he became an ITDA (International Technical Diving Association) certified Extended Range and Trimix mod1 instructor.

Since 2006, he has held an Advanced Trimix instructor's certificate, issued by TDI (Technical Diving International) federation. He has taken part in numerous diving projects, including Andrey Chistyakov's two projects: attempt to break Russia's record as a coordinator and main security diver (both successful) and breaking Belgium's record as a coordinator, advisor and main security diver. He originated himself the following projects:
- attempt to break Poland's record in 2006, finished at 187 m.
- exploration of Ras Mamlah cave in Egypt; he was the first man to reach the 105 m deep bottom of the cave.
- over 20 dives deeper than 140 m.
Currently, along with Andrew Gołka, he runs, and he has begun developing the diving portal promoting the right techniques and approach to the wide scope of diving-related issues.
A tec and cave diver, having also other interests, ones that of course revolve around extreme sports such as paragliding and extreme cycling.