Jarda Kočárek


my name is Jarda Kočárek and I have been diving for more than 25 years.

My first dive at the Jablonecka Dam in the North of the Czech Republic left me with such a strong feeling that I decided to bind diving for all my life.

I have completed more than 7 500 dives, mainly during my work as an instructor.

The teaching of diving takes place in the Czech Republic mainly in cold and cloudy water, i.e. in extreme conditions.

During my practice, I have trained over 2 500 divers.

I evaluated my experience mainly within the Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic, where we participate in searching for drowned people or help in natural disasters.

In 2010, during floods in the Czech Republic, I was awarded the Golden Order for saving more than 30 people in the village of Chrastava close to Liberec city.

In 2020, I established and became the Director of diving training at the DIVING EDUCATION SOCIETY Training System.

When diving, I try to rely on high-quality diving equipment that is reliable and has innovative potential.

AMMONITE products belong among my favourite.

I am diving quite a lot in caverns, caves and cave systems.

To have perfect and quality diving lights and heating is for me one of the most critical factors for ideal and seamless diving in the caves.

And on AMMONITE I can rely on.