Johan de With about Led Speleo

Johan the With,

Testing the LED speleo of Ammonite light System.

This lamp has been tested by me in France in the caves.

The burn time with the 10ah battery of 16.5 hours in the cave is fantastic !!

This in combination with the 6 degree spot, and the mild corona, this lamp has a super penetration capacity and it has very good signaling properties.

By being able to set 3 light strengths (20, 60, 100%) you can respond well to pollution in the water.

The maximum light output is 1500 LM (these are also real lumen) is more than sufficient for cave diving and while diving in a team or training. 1500 lm is more than enough, more light in a team or during a training often causes each other to "overshoot", which means risky situations arise because we no longer "see" each other and notice signals "too late".

More than enough for 2 dives in 1 day, without having to charge, this is what we are waiting for as divers. Also having so much burn time ensures that you also have more than enough to make 2 dives and you do not reach the limit of the battery. Incidentally, this can also be easily solved with the 14 or 24ah battery because everything is interchangeable, which is very pleasant.

What I do during my diving is placing the led speleo on the 10 ah battery as the primary lamp, and the 24ah I use for my heated undergarments and my primary back up lamp the LED helios, which I find particularly suitable for this , it has an 11 degree spot and 3000lm (also 3 light strengths 20, 60, 100%). With the 24ah battery, he has 7 hours of burning time on this.

In addition, I have 2 Ammonite LED stingray lamps with 1000lm and 1.5 hours of burning time as a backup.

Having a little more “spot” and having more lm give me a nice feeling if my primary light stopped for some reason.

For me as a cave instructor it is very nice to have a lamp that I can set in lm.

I no longer have to switch my lamp on and off to occasionally "disappear" during the training, but I can dim my lamp to 20% yield. Furthermore, exchanging these two lamps on the same goodman handle soft or the modular goodman handle also ensures that your backup lamp becomes very compact since you do not have to put a goodman handle on it.

With years of experience and the testing of many different lamps over the years from very renowned brands, I can say that this lamp offers me what I am looking for in a lamp in terms of light strength, robustness, operation, size, weight, maintenance and very modular everything can be exchanged with each other.

All in all this is a lamp that I will recommend to every (cave) diver to take into consideration when purchasing a good dive light !!